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A Music Community iOS Application

The purpose of Skyhitz is to grow and build a music community that supports and funds music. A real-time Top Hits List was built for new user to discover trending music within the community. 

Refining the Product

With the initial design concept, we were able to go into development of the application and further the concept. Not only involved in design work, I was heavily involved with product development. From initial concept, a lot have things have changed design-wise along with features. 


Carmia Web / Mobile App

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Web Application

The Carmia backend was originally built as a web application to tap into online databases of vehicle identification information. What they needed from the design was a clean customer facing interface for car sellers looking to upload information about their vehicles to receive real bids from local car dealerships.

iOS Application

For the iOS design, I was able to take the original website concept and turn it into a mobile application that makes it easy for users to upload vehicle information, navigate their dashboards with current bids and manage messages from dealers.