brand & eCommerce website


This one time…I went down to Mexico. After a few beers (and maybe some shots of tequila) a friend and I decided to brand and set up a Shopify “drop-shipping” eCommerce store.


Shopify Ecommerce Website

In an experiment to gain relevant skills, we were able to brand, stock, and launch an eCommerce shop, all ready for transactions and complete with a Facebook Ads campaign…all within 24-hours. The coolest part? I can now do this for clients of mine. Although Gay Pool Toys didn’t exactly take off…it was done and was live for about 3 months.

Social Media Content

While wandering the streets of Playa Del Carmen, we sourced inspiration from the vibrant Mexican city. Colors from the architecture, signs, textures and plants were our sources. We created an Instagram page to run ads and through and gain some site traffic.

Facebook ads

We created an accompanying Facebook Ads campaign to drive traffic to the website. Several images were photoshopped with textures we found, plants outside our AirBnb and product images to create a fun brand style.