Presentation design/WEbsite branding


For LYFEBUZZ founder and health coach, Linda Montoya, I was able to flesh out her brand a bit more through presentation design and templates, accompanied by a beautiful new website layout. 


PResentation design

Linda sent over a pretty basic PowerPoint Presentation that needed some branding to be applied and the last little push to be made to give it that professional look. Everything was saved as a template so she could easily modify depending on her audience. 

One-sheeter design (1)

Linda wanted the presentation information to be turned into a one-sheeter handout.


One-sheeter design (1)

This was to make it easy to get all the information in-person to potential clients. 


Case Study - Socialtyze

With Linda's particular service she also wanted to put together a case study to show how well her program works. Her client, Socialtyze, was the perfect example. We put together the results from her program on a single unlinked web page that she can send out to potential clients.