Content Marketing

In order to create successful content marketing campaigns for social media and email, we started with an informative curated blog publication that would give users great information about how to move get the most out of their social media accounts and really drive traffic through quality content and marketing strategy.

Once we had several blog series being curated, we moved on to marketing and created engaging graphics to promote the blog. Through social networks and paid advertising we were not only able to reach new audiences and drive downloads of the app, but kept users coming back for helpful tips on how to tackle social media marketing. 

These posts were boosted to promote what a resource Mainspree was versus strictly "selling" the product. As a tool for small business owners and individual crafters, users not only could use the app to grow their business, but then had an arsenal of resources for growing their social media following, in turn making bettering their success through the application.

Social Media / Community Management

In addition to blog curation and promotion, we created social media digital creative assets. Focusing on niche communities (small business owners, entrepreneurs, handmade goods, etc) we found inspirational quotes and statistics to be some of the most engaged with content. 

Through careful analytics and hashtag research, we were able to hone in on the optimal posting times while attaching the perfect string of hashtags to further the reach of our content and attract new followers. 

One of the blog series that was curated, called Brands We Love, featured content from other accounts of small business owners and individuals that were doing really well on with their social media accounts. We featured them as a source of inspiration for our users for their own content to see what was working for others and more importantly why it was working. 

Email Marketing

Mainspree made sure to take customer feedback seriously and was rolling out updated features to better the user experience. Through email marketing, we released updates to our database of user contacts and kept up with weekly newsletters containing new blogs and inspiration. 

We found it a great way to remind existing users about the application and continue to deliver the resources we curated through the blog.

Highlights from user accounts and more were shared via email and because the majority of users were small business owners and only just learning of the power of social media marketing, we gave them great examples to try on their own to replicate and drive engagement on their own accounts.

Mainspree was a great opportunity to promote a new digital product through content marketing and analytics. I love working with startups to help promote their product and find the best ways to not only reach their users but to keep them coming back.