Franklin Village Mural

It's been a bit since I posted some of my latest projects, so I thought I would do an update on a special assignment. I got recruited by the locals to paint an electrical box right by my apartment with all the supplies being sponsored by one of the local businesses. Being the brand designer that I am, I took it as an opportunity to "brand" the neighborhood. 

So here are a few progress shots, I will eventually update with a case study and more in-depth look at some of the design elements and the story being told about this little community that is tucked at the foot of the Hollywood Hills.

"In the Loop" Workshop

A couple weeks ago (I know, I've got a  lot of catching up to do) I attended another workshop put on by Type-Ed, on script fonts. The course was packed full of useful terminology and constructive criticism to satiate even the most hungry of type lovers. We got the opportunity to deconstruct a couple pre-existing fonts and really dig into ways that turn those typefaces into customized brand marks. Then we were given tips and techniques to produce our own script font in dedication of our favorite city.  


Michael and Rachel have continued to provide amazing workshops that give designers more hands-on education resources. They brought in Leah Faust to share her knowledge and experience in type creation, a rad speaker with great insight into process and approach. 


Thanks Type-Ed for an awesome day in Santa Monica with like-minded type enthusiasts!

TypeEd Workshop

So I went to a dope workshop today in Santa Monica that I found out about through AIGA. Marks of Desire, that was put on by TypeEd, was a great brush up on the analysis and keys to selecting/creating a logotype with 2 assignments and constructive critiques. Felt like I was back in Mr. Ybarra's class...but this time I was paying more attention. There was a well informed speaker who led some great discussions on people's work and guided our own discovery of what was working and what wasn't. 


What I enjoyed about this event, was not only the rich content that feeds my interests, but the networking aspect and mingling amongst others that share this passion. This was my first AIGA event as a member(#designerd). I'm finding it super important to continue my education outside of school and push my design work every single day (yes, even on the weekends, be it a 8hr workshop or Skillshare). I've been saying, what they got on me in years, I'm gonna make it up in hours...and I'm sticking to it. 


And of course I ran home to sign up for the next workshop on March 1st: Whisky Type - "effective label design and how to communicate a balance between heritage and substance through typography and negative space." Come Join Me!