Design for Good - 24hr Design Blitz

On October 4th, I got the unique opportunity to band together with a volunteer group of design professionals in LA's downtown Arts District and dedicate 24 hours to Design for Good. I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into at the second annual event that was put on by the AIGA Los Angeles chapter, but when I heard that we were going to be placed in teams to work with a non-profit, I knew it would be right up my alley.

After a brief intro by Matthew Manos, founder of Very Nice, and a look into his "double your work, give half back" business model, the non-profits introduced themselves by explaining what it is they do. My team consisted of some very talented ladies and we tapped into our innate "girl power" to help A Window Between Worlds with a complete re-brand. (Remember this is on a 24hr schedule.) We sat with Amber, their representative, and dug through many attempted logo designs, what was and wasn't working for them, and more into the story of their healing through art programs. Then, we hit the ground running. 

Over the next 24 hours we brainstormed, sketched, snacked, drank coffee (lots of coffee) and went through plenty of comps to land on the perfect logo icon and logotype to tell our non-profits story, one that would grow with them as they expanded. By the end, we were burnt out, exhausted, but VICTORIOUS! Thanks to the amazing people that put the event together, selected some great non-profits, and hooked us up with sustenance throughout the night, we were able to walk away having made a huge difference with our different talents. 

NOTHING feels better than having dedicated your life to a craft that truly can make a difference in the world. This event was just another reminder of why I choose to spend so many sleepless nights making sure I am equipped with the skills to help others succeed. "Double your work, give half back."

I want to give  a special shoutout to You Are Loved Foods. I met the founders at this event and they were gracious enough to supply us with some amazing treats that gave us energy and satisfied our sweet tooth. Great people, great mission statement, and DELICIOUS product. 

Everyone is invited to the wrap-up party, tickets can be found here: Design for Good LA