Whisky Type Workshop

Yesterday I attended another amazing workshop hosted by Michael and Rachel at Type-Ed. The Whisky Type workshop was a great lecture on the history of scotch whisky and traditional type treatments of labels. After working on a traditional label and working with very classic design elements for the layout, we got to stretch our wings a bit with a more contemporary design, tailored to a younger demographic. The pace was great and to work under tighter constraints then move into a looser project kept our creativity flowing!


There was no better way to spend a rainy saturday in LA than downtown at Ramp Creative with the friendly company of a few type lovers, working on a couple assignments that tested our design skills in a new direction and generated great feedback. A great big thanks to Michael for his expert feedback and willingness to give us an extra hour of guidance as to the process of setting up type layouts in InDesign. I couldn't wait to get home and exercise all that I had learned! 

Looking forward to more exploration of layout and type design!