Studio Number One/Obey Giant Art

What an amazing experience. After three months interning in the studio of one of the most inspiring and inspirational artists for me, I got to chat with Shepard Fairey a bit on my last day. I wanted to ask him about keeping motivation when it seems like everyone is trying to stop your creativity. The guy has had so many people bad mouth and try to shut him down for creating art and being a successful living and breathing artist, so I asked him about what kept him going. 

He was able to break it down pretty simply after chatting a bit about the inevitability of haters, (as close to word for word as I can remember) "there are those that build and those that tear down. It's always going to be easier to destroy, but me, I'm a builder and if I give into those that destroy its like giving into the dark side."

Good words for me as I start a new chapter in my creative career. To be able to get a behind the scenes glimpse of the amount of work that this artist has created and how much influence he has had on the whole art world, has been invaluable. The world better watch out, I'm bringing fire to the game and every amazing person I've gotten to meet, and every opportunity I've had thus far is not going to be for nothing. 

So appreciative, so excited, so inspired everyday by the possibilities.

Photo from the December 13th gallery opening of SID: Superman is Dead, Shepard Fairey and Dennis Morris collaboration. 

Photo from the December 13th gallery opening of SID: Superman is Dead, Shepard Fairey and Dennis Morris collaboration. 


I have been afforded the HUGE opportunity to intern at Studio Number One, design studio and art gallery of Shepard Fairey. 


It is such an amazing experience thus far and I am soaking up every minute that I get there, learning about the artist himself and how his studio is run. It's crazy to be at ground zero where some serious history is being made...I leave every day more inspired and driven to pursue my passion for art and design.

Wrapping things up

Another quarter bites the dust. It's looking like hard work and dedication will be paying off, a lot of opportunities are opening up and I have been doing a lot of networking. September 30th will start my LAST quarter before graduation, so I have a busy three months ahead of me. Stay tuned for more progress...

School Is In Session

Classes Have Begun.

Today school is back in session and it's going to be a short eleven weeks. Time has flown and I'm on the six month countdown to graduation. I have been actively seeking other employment, I am thirsty for some experience in my field, and I am open to new job opportunities. Six resumes got sent out yesterday and it is time to get my portfolio fleshed out! 

Summer Break - a.k.a Get Busy

I'm lucky to have this three-week summer break, but let me tell you, it's been anything but. I've been working with a few clients and desperately trying to get my web presence established so that I have a good place to point potential employers. That place is...well, this is it. Take a look around, more is soon to come. A lot of my campaigns I am currently taking the time to pull together and display on the portfolio page, so apologies if it seems a little sparse and full of random projects.  Feel free to contact me for any employment gigs (yes I'd love to help you, no I do not work for free) and additional information on my work as well as for my resume.