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Creative Director / Designer


For a little over a year, a business partner and I built up our company, oneMOTUS. Offering digital services to clients and working on projects that ranged from logo design to Facebook advertising, Landing Page design and testing to Shopify store design. 

Most all creative and design work was done by myself with development done by a contractors that I managed.



There was a heavy focus on digital assets and we were a completely digital creative agency that helped clients with things like landing page design and testing, Shopify set up, digital sales funnels, and Facebook advertising.

Social POsts

We needed to have a web presence that eventually would show off our client work. Until that point, we focused on providing statistics in the channels we were working with. 

Social POsts

Until we had the portfolio built up to a point we could market with, we focused on our social channels being a call to action for potential clients. 



Keeping our contacts updated with our projects as well as having something to send out and stay top of mind was important for us to ensure through email. 

In the newsletter we provided industry insights and resources. Some of our behind the scenes processes were also explained.


business cards

As I usually do, I went with the dimensions for cards printed on their Luxe paper to give extra weight when handing them to potential clients.


Square Flyer

I designed a simple square flyer for printing and handing out at local businesses. These were sent out with a street team to talk about some of our key web services.