full-stack Graphic Designer


Skyhitz is a mobile application geared towards supporting musicians through contributions and creating a real time Top Hits list.


Logo Design

Because of the main function of the app is to "up vote" a song, I wanted to design an icon that contained that movement, while also being a simple enough logo mark to be used on buttons and across various channels, as a stand alone icon.


UX/UI Design

We worked through a lot of product development and functionality via high fidelity mockups and prototyping. A lot of features went through concept and design, but will be later released through future updates. Through my designs, we were better able to visualize the full capabilities of the product and rollout strategy.

Pitch Deck Slides

There were several sections for the pitch deck where the content  needed to be introduced. I sourced images that were on-brand and spoke to the following content.  

These were later dropped into a Keynote presentation with supporting infographics.


Infographic design

Some information needed to be visually represented for pitch deck purposes and for outlining the business objectives and vision. Folllowing the brand, I developed a style for icons and graphics to be used for presentation purposes. 



Business cards

Being a tech business and the likely locations of interaction would be conferences, and with potential investors, etc. I wanted to give the business cards an "app-like" feel. 

They were printed through so that they were a different shape form other business cards and were also printed on their Luxe paper, giving them a much heavier weight. Along the sides of the card, you could see a blue color to match the branding.


UI REdesign

There were many phases of this project that spanned several years as both the founder and I grew in our skillsets and experimented with new technology. This was a homepage variation from the redesign we did almost a year after the initial concept. 

What stage is it currently at?